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7th Nov: Becoming Greater Than Your Environment

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Becoming Greater Than Your Environment Short

5th December @ 5pm PST

It has been said,
"if you change your brain, you change your life"
that's a Scientific Fact!





With Dr. G. Rex Kruhly 


We are living in a world that has changed, and it will continue to change now at greater and greater speeds.  With the installation of 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Supercomputers, Subcutaneous Microchipping – Trans-Humanism/Nanobots the world we once knew is gone, it will not return.


Therefore, the question arises, what do we do?  How will we succeed in such an environment?  What will happen to our dreams, to all our plans, we don’t know what to do?


To navigate this challenge we must address the programming that has been imprinted in our subconscious mind.  The first layer and the most important one was established from the time you were conceived till the age of 7. In Depth Healing Dr. G. refers to that period as the Primary Program.  Then the next 7 years until about age 14 is critical because our brain begins to think and judge from age 7 onwards. The issue from age 7 till now is that all perceptions, experience, and judgements are filtered through the Primary Program DataBase.  The first set till age 7 does not belong to us, it’s mostly our parents.  That foundational data can and often is completely opposite to what we learn in school from age 7 till now.  The conflicts between the Primary and the Secondary Programs is called Cognitive Dissonance.


The Powers that be which decide and control media, school agendas, medical schools, universities, everything, are well aware of subconscious programming and have highly sophisticated technologies which they have used for decades to carefully program the subconscious minds of the world.  Their primary focus is the establishment of fear, belief in personal weakness and vulnerability, the need to be guided, cared for, protected, etc., and absolute compliance to law and authority figures. They have succeeded. 


In order to rise above this environment and thrive despite economic/social circumstances the above programming needs to be reverse engineered, and that is exactly what Dr. G. Rex Kruhly does, he reverse engineers negative disempowering subconscious programming via his Quantum Technology of Depth Healing.


Join Dr. G. Rex Kruhly for a Collective 2 hour session that will empower you to rise above your environment on Friday October 29th. 


The programming that may be holding you down, blocking you, or depressing your voice and life force will be removed.  Period.


Additionally, Dr. G. is available for private sessions, any target issue will be handled.


See you in the Field, 

Dr. G

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