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Glossary for Depth Healing Technology

Mind The term ‘the Mind’ is an Ancient Field that has existed for uncounted thousands of years, utterly unchanged. There is no such thing as a personal mind, there is only one mind. The human brain is an antenna array and various thoughts or information flows through the person depending on how their brain is […]

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GENESIS what do YOU get?

GENESIS is designed by Dr. G. Rex Kruhly to remove all the blocks, problems, limitations, issues, and challenges in your business and personal life relative to wealth, abundance, health, and happiness.   Those issues are created by Cognitive Dissonance first and foremost, Family Karmic Programs, Personal Traumas, and Past Life Karma.     Using the Quantum […]

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GENESIS why YOU should be there!

Removes all levels of fear regarding failure, success, peer pressure, the future, etc. This allows you to take massive action, relax, and cultivates feelings of being centered and positive.   With fears removed, you will be able to move forward boldly.   With the fear complexes gone the causes of hypertension and high blood pressure, […]

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Wealth, Consciousness, and Universal Laws

In his book on Wealth Creation Sri Bhagavan says,  “Wealth creation requires not only professional skill, but also the wisdom to understand the ways of the universe.  You need to learn and live by certain laws that govern human destiny. If you do not know these laws, you will experience roadblocks in the progress of […]

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Testimonial – Lourdes Colon

I am an actress/producer who is also a health advocate. So for me, a healthy lifestyle is important. For about 3 months I started to have bloody stools. Like there was blood in the water each and every time I had a bowel movement. This went on as I mentioned for three months. So I […]

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Why GENESIS is Worth it!

“Worth much costs much. The precious metals are the heaviest” ~Baltasar Gracian~   What justifies the cost of GENESIS?  How much does your success mean to you?  How sick are you of being sick and tired of the struggle? How many seminars and specialists have you already paid for and you’re still not there?  How […]

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How Morphic Fields Affect Health

To comprehend this subject it is important to understand the current literature regarding Quantum Biology. Simply stated, it has been well established that the environment controls all gene expression. This has been termed Epi-Genetics by its discoverer, Dr. Bruce Lipton, who explains that the energy field signals from the environment are read by the antennae […]

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Wealth Creation and Mindset

The Great Avatar and Mystic Sri Bhagavan have spoken at great lengths on how to create Wealth and what we need to do it.  Why?  Because Iham (our worldly needs) and Param (our spiritual needs) are not separate, they are the two sides of the same coin. Renouncing wealth to be spiritual is a child’s […]

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About Depth Healing

Depth Healing is a Quantum Technology Energy Application for Distance Healing of Subconscious and Unconscious negative programming.     Dr. Grant Kruhly has been studying and training in his multi-discipline crafts of Health, Quantum Science, Personal Development (the areas of awakening, business success and goal achievement, psychology, stress, athletic performance, martial prowess), Consciousness and Brain […]

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