What will happen during my Private Session with Dr. G?
A private session with Dr. G. is very special and takes 2 hours. During the first hour, Dr. G. establishes rapport and takes down all the information regarding ALL of your current issues. When we say “issues” that term includes all the information you can recall regarding your feelings, your body, relationships, place of work or business, family, lover, or spouse, literally everything is included. Dr. G will be addressing it all at the causal level which includes related traumas, emotions, cellular memories, genetic and karmic programs, etc., which are all categorized in and by the supermassive subconscious database.
Once the gathering of information is completed, Dr. G will guide you in a HEART-CENTERED MEDITATION. This opens your Field and Consciousness to receive the healing frequencies and dissolves any psychological guarding that could block transmission and reception.

With that state established, Dr. G will begin his energetic surgery using Depth Healing Technology to ERASE THE CAUSE of whatever issue or issues you have and replace that with HIGH VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES which raise your consciousness and evolve your brain. Evolving the brain refers to the neurological process of neuroplasticity and synaptic pruning. These technical terms simply mean that the brain is rearranging the way it is wired. When that happens it sees and processes differently, and it begins to download new information. This in turn changes the vibrational tone of you, your body, emotions, and thoughts which is then reflected back to you as your world and results.
Occasionally, you may briefly experience emotional releases like crying, feeling warmth in your body, perhaps a pain will appear momentarily then vanish. This is the healing process in action, many women often see visions as well.
Once that process is completed, and Dr. G cannot find anything whatsoever left to clear, he transfers DIVINE GRACE into you through DEEKSHA. Deeksha is a phenomenon whereby the Divine ITSELF will flow through Doctor G’s hands into your Brain. This is the gift of gifts, and Dr. G has special empowerments to enable him to Channel the Divine for your highest and best. Thus the DIVINE ITSELF endorses your session and your prayers as well. Deeksha is THE GAME CHANGER and makes sessions with Dr. G and Depth Healing a truly profound experience.

Through this process, your subconscious perceptions are changed which then changes your world, your health and biology, and of course your life and the results you achieve

The reason why most modalities do not succeed in preventing issues from returning is simply that the cause has not been removed. Almost every system tries to create an adaptive bypass in the client’s mind or nervous system by various coping strategies. The most useless is classical psychology because it is simply working circles in the frontal cortex and does not impact the information stored in the subconscious database at all. That is why people see their therapists for years and years and years, it’s all story land.

The foundational science of Depth Healing was originally created through the genius of the late Dr. Ted Morter, who founded the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique. He passed on his knowledge to another great genius, Dr. Larry Haberski, and I studied directly under him for 8 years.

Dr. G had the honor of knowing world-famous Dr. George Goodheart Jr, Founder of Applied Kinesiology, and was his patient for 16 years. Dr. Goodheart strongly influenced Dr. G’s development and his understanding of Quantum Possibilities.
Much later, Dr. G was taught how to use Self Kinesiology by Dr. Haberski as a method to accurately talk to the Field and receive precise answers. Additionally, Dr. G speaks directly to the Great Compassionate Light, through his connection with Sri Amma Bhagavan. The Divine is consulted at every moment of every session.

He then uses Laser Focussed Frequencies to remove the causal information relative to the target issue, from the client’s subconscious and replace it instantly with its positive opposite. This process instantly increases the coherence within the client’s brain and field raises their vibration and protects them from backsliding. Each pair of frequencies is a completed change in itself. Therefore, change is certain, and effectiveness is too. Thus Depth Healing enjoys a Robust Success Record unmatched by other systems.

Dr. G. Rex Kruhly has 51 years of training at the time of this writing and his Bio is extensive. He created Depth Healing to be a COMPLETE Health Care System and Technology for LIFE ENGINEERING.

Occasionally, he will refer clients to specialists that he personally knows such as Master Doctors Jeff Brittain, or Dr. Bob Rakowski. Both are peerless.

All sessions are done in person so that I can see your eyes and speak with you. Skype, Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, any of them are fine.

Since I am a Quantum Distance Healer, Geographic location and distance from me have no relevance. My clients extend around the Globe.


Yes, I do so routinely. The only caveat is, you must commit to continuing sessions until it is achieved. There is no way to say what that is, but I can tell you with utter confidence, with Depth Healing and Deeksha your entire childhood trauma can be removed.

The best way to do this is to have paper and pen and jot down points, then after the session, write out what you remember. This engages your brain way more than simply recording. It is superior.

No, believe as you like, that is your business, not the Doctors. However, Dr. G will address MYTHS if he sees one is harming you. He has the Spiritual Authority to do that. Dr. G will address ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that is causing you pain, suffering, anxiety, fear, or whatever else, that is his mission.

Through long years of experience with multitudes of clients, a basic pattern has emerged. Always figure on 5 sessions as a base to achieve lasting change regarding the current situation you are seeing Dr. G for. Dr. G does not take clients who only want to experience one session, why? Because they begin a process but don’t complete it, and that can create a new problem for which he will not be responsible. Depth Healing is not a game, therefore, only serious sincere people are wanted.

As a Complete System, DEPTH HEALING addresses any kind of physical problem.

Are there any side effects after a session?
No, side effects are the realm of medicine. However, as you change everything else will change too. Sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big ways. Also, various body aches and pains may show up to signal us where other issues are buried, and then the next session clears that. But that is not a side effect, that is a direct effect and it is a positive change.

Depending, Dr. G will look at and rate the level of competence and expertise of the Doctor or Therapist in question. Many are useless.
DEPTH HEALING is designed to be a one-stop-shop, but some cases of co-management are ok. NO SPIRITUAL intervention, NO energy people. That is completely out as it creates conflict on many levels.

As soon as the session is complete drink a glass of water and then (time and schedule permitting) lay down on your back, close your eyes and drift. If you fall asleep, that is Great.
Typically as the session ends you will feel light and may feel lightheaded too. That is Great, and it is because you actually are lighter.
You will also feel very relaxed, or even exhausted, why? This is because the process has removed sympathetic hypervigilance and tonicity. That is a fancy term for stress. With that gone your brain sends a signal that says,” We can relax and heal now” This is why you should lay down right away, at least for 15 minutes, or go to bed and sleep deeply. Finally, the Deeksha you received from The Great Compassionate Light is working on you and will continue to do so for a long time. It works on you mostly as you sleep and deepen your levels from Conscious to Subconscious to Unconscious.
Nothing is required to do, just relax and allow change to occur organically.

How can I prepare for my session?
For private sessions, nothing is required to prepare, just reflect on your current situation, reflect on memories and impressions of early childhood, and come with pen and paper.

When you attend Collective Morphic Field Sessions, (which are called Specialized Collectives on the Website), there is a written preparation/contemplation process that will be emailed to you.

This will depend on my availability. Normally it may take 1 – 2 weeks.

How can I resolve multiple traumas on my own?
You can’t, that is why people like Dr. G and systems like Depth Healing are so important.

Canceling My Session
If you need to cancel your session, then you need to do so 24 hrs before the session, you can then move your appointment time to another time slot. If 24-hour notice is not given you will be charged the full price. Please note that once you booked and paid for a session no refunds will be made. Don’t worry about that, in my entire career I have never been asked for a refund. My clients love their sessions and I am close to all of them.

Could you please give me an overview of time, cost, and what is needed during a Session?
Private sessions are 2 hours long.
Specialized Collectives vary from 1, 2, or 3 hours, depending on its subject.

Presently, the payment method is PayPal, however other options are under development.

Private Sessions are $500.00 USD
Specialized Collectives are $99.00 USD
No Refunds

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