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The GENESIS Event: Why YOU should be there!

Removes all levels of fear regarding failure, success, peer pressure, the future, etc. This allows you to take massive action, relax, and cultivates feelings of being centered and positive.


With fears removed, you will be able to move forward boldly.


With the fear complexes gone the causes of hypertension and high blood pressure, asthma, etc decrease significantly, and in many, they may disappear altogether.  Sleeping will improve and deepen and many forms of anxiety and body aches will diminish or vanish.


Removes the causes of procrastination, making you more proactive and productive.


Removes any level of financial ceiling that limits your wealth creation and growth. With the limiting beliefs and programming wiped clean your brain and consciousness will perceive opportunities and possibilities that were obscured before GENESIS.


By removing disempowering/destabilizing beliefs and fears many body aches and pains will vanish, especially in the shoulders, neck, and low back.


By removing the energetic imprints from childhood traumas, especially those involving sexual abuse, relationships will heal and change to reflect your healthier higher vibration.


By removing the programming that causes self-doubt and self-criticism, you will feel confident and comfortable in yourself, which will increase the quality of your life’s experience.


With the causal inference removed from your consciousness, all your wealth and life will rise


Because GENESIS is a collective clearing the Power is Enormous, and each point of focus is Comprehensive and Complete.  Each participant receives the full benefit of the Whole.


During GENESIS, Entire chapters in your Subconscious Field that are negative and hold you back from having all you desire will be wiped clean due to the exponential power and precision of DEPTH HEALING TECHNOLOGY.

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