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It has been said,
"if you change your brain, you change your life"
that's a Scientific Fact!

The GENESIS Event is the single most powerful application of Applied Quantum Physics ever conceived to do just that!

Starting October 2021, spanning 10 days over 9 weeks, hundreds of people from around the world will join the event with Dr. G. Rex Kruhly and form a massive single cloud of consciousness with a Specific Purpose:

"The Creation of Tremendous Wealth"

 and the Removal of anything and everything that stands in the way. At least 70% of the problem is Subconscious Cognitive Dissonance which must be erased.

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Read more about Cognitive Dissonance here.

"The key to your Wealth Creation and Future Growth is to remove Cognitive Dissonance."

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Dr Grant Kruhly
Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

A licensed DC and International Distance Healer. He founded a Quantum Technology combining Cutting Edge Science with Divine Source Support.

He calls it Depth Healing, and with it, all subconscious and unconscious blocks, fears, and disempowering programming will be removed for the entire group at the same time.

Results are both immediate and continue well into the future.

Read more About Dr. G Rex Kruhly here. Read more About Depth Healing here.

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GENESIS is for ANYONE who feels blocked in their Life, Business, or Career.

GENESIS is for people of all levels in all industries, including entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and mastermind groups.

Whether you own or work for a start-up or a fortune 500 company;

Whether you are struggling or thriving;

The key to your Wealth Creation and Future Growth is to remove Cognitive Dissonance.

GENESIS will remove it.

“Worth much costs much. The precious metals are the heaviest”  ~Baltasar Gracian~

What justifies the cost of GENESIS?  How much does your success mean to you?  How sick are you of being sick and tired of the struggle?

How many seminars and specialists have you already paid for and you’re still not there?  How about 5 years from now, have you considered that?

GENESIS works, period.  It is the application of the highest known quantum physics via consciousness today.  Dr. G. Rex Kruhly is a real master of Morphic Field Physics and GENESIS is the summit of his expertise. 

Most of all, GENESIS removes all the struggle and effort involved in learning special meditation methods with complicated visualization that requires sustained dedicated application every day for LONG extended periods with no guarantee of change.  THAT’S HUGE!

In GENESIS you simply show up, be present and RECEIVE the neuro –  transformative and energetic changes without any effort on your part.  ALL the changes occur then and there and results begin immediately and continue for hours, days, weeks, and months as you go ahead with your plans, goals, and dreams.  After completing GENESIS, there is nothing in your way.  The causes of failure or blocked progress will be gone.  The rest is up to you.  But there is one very big caveat that comes from GENESIS that no other program can say.  From your being, in GENESIS you and your business will have the DIRECT support of the Divine.  That is a fact and that too is HUGE.  

Tickets are on sale now and early bird pricing ends the last day of August.  Invest in something real and truly powerful now so 2022 is secured. 

GENESIS is designed by Dr. G. Rex Kruhly to remove all the blocks, problems, limitations, issues, and challenges in your business and personal life relative to wealth, abundance, health, and happiness.

Those issues are created by Cognitive Dissonance first and foremost, Family Karmic Programs, Personal Traumas, and Past Life Karma.  

Using the Quantum Technology of Depth Healing each of those categories will be wiped clean over and over again during GENESIS.   So what happens then?


To make this easier to envision and understand I will use a few analogies.  



The first one is a small lake up in the mountains, fed by a few mountain streams from the snow caps.  It’s small but deep. There is a Dam at the one end where a sheer drop would create a powerful waterfall if it was opened.  Way down at the bottom it connects to a river bed that runs a long course to the great Ocean. But the mechanism for the watertight sliding door is jammed, long since broken, and rusted shut. Therefore no waterfall, no flow, which means no change or growth, no connection to the river, can’t reach the Ocean.

Let the lake represent your business or present life.  The place where the drop would create the waterfall represents opportunities for flow, growth, change, and movement. The river bed below represents lines of industry, connection, and channels for prosperity.  The Ocean represents the Big Time, Financial Independence.  The jammed mechanism is most likely Cognitive Dissonance or one of the Karmic Programs or in some cases all of them together.

In this analogy, GENESIS is the repairman who fixes the door and opens it!  It may be opened all the way, halfway, or only a quarter way, but flow instantly surges forth.  That flow engages the river bed which connects to the Ocean.  Get the picture?



Let’s try another analogy. I think everyone in my audience is familiar with Japanese Bonsai Trees.  Bonsai is an art form where they take a real tree, and stunt its growth carefully so that it remains very small, and, for our analogy, we will place the Bonsai tree inside a bottle for extra effect. Let’s select a RedWood Tree for emphasis. 

So your business or life NOW is represented by the Redwood Tree which has been stunted to only a foot high and placed inside a one and a half foot bottle. The bottle represents the invisible beliefs you hold about how big you can grow, how much you can make, and how successful you can be. It’s the glass ceiling within your subconscious. 

The type of tree, in this case, a Redwood, is the potential greatness inherent in you and your business. In this example, you have true greatness latent and waiting, literal Hugeness.

The maximum size the tree can grow inside the jar with the special restrictions imposed by Bonsai methodology represents the subconscious beliefs and disempowering programs running your PERCEPTIONS as well as your childhood where the programming was downloaded.

In this case, GENESIS smashes the bottle, replants the tree in open mother nature and what do you think happens???



Perhaps my reader is like me and loves the great masters of the skies, Eagles, Condors, Falcons, and Hawks.  Have you ever had the pleasure of watching the event when they take one of these magnificent majestic birds that have been in captivity, caged, and restricted and release it???  It is an awesome thing to witness, as it realizes it can spread its wings freely, and GO!!!!!!!  That is EXACTLY what you will receive and experience by attending GENESIS.

Tickets are on sale, and time is moving, secure your place now, and prepare for the extraordinary to happen.

Removes all levels of fear regarding failure, success, peer pressure, the future, etc. This allows you to take massive action, relax, and cultivates feelings of being centered and positive.

With fears removed, you will be able to move forward boldly.

With the fear complexes gone the causes of hypertension and high blood pressure, asthma, etc decrease significantly, and in many, they may disappear altogether.  Sleeping will improve and deepen and many forms of anxiety and body aches will diminish or vanish.

Removes the causes of procrastination, making you more proactive and productive.

Removes any level of financial ceiling that limits your wealth creation and growth. With the limiting beliefs and programming wiped clean your brain and consciousness will perceive opportunities and possibilities that were totally obscured before GENESIS.

By removing disempowering/destabilizing beliefs and fears many body aches and pains will vanish, especially in the shoulders, neck, and low back.

By removing the energetic imprints from childhood traumas, especially those involving sexual abuse, relationships will heal and change to reflect your healthier higher vibration.

By removing the programming which causes self-doubt and self-criticism you will feel confident, and comfortable in yourself which will increase the quality of your life’s experience.

With the causal inference removed from your consciousness, all your wealth and life will rise

Because GENESIS is a collective clearing the Power is Enormous, and each point of focus is Comprehensive and Complete.  Each participant receives the full benefit of the Whole.

During GENESIS, Entire chapters in your Subconscious Field that are negative and hold you back from having all you desire will be wiped clean due to the exponential power and precision of DEPTH HEALING TECHNOLOGY.

The GENESIS Experience

GENESIS is massively powerful. It produces immediate results that continue well into the future.

The GENESIS Experience is similar to a Spa, it is a treatment you receive rather than a method to be learned and applied by one’s efforts.

GENESIS removes Cognitive Dissonance, which is the key to you and your business’s Wealth Creation.

GENESIS is a highly refined application of Quantum Physics to Large Morphic Fields. Based on solid peer-reviewed Quantum Science. A proven Technology with over 11 years of robust clinical results across all cases spanning from health concerns like Chronic Diseases to lifestyle change and Business Success.

GENESIS uses constructive and destructive interference waves to alter all participants’ subconscious & unconscious programs through Quantum Entanglement.

GENESIS is a tri-layered Quantum technology including Divine Source Support through collective Deeksha Blessings.

GENESIS will remove faulty perceptions, beliefs, and programming. With these removed “Wealth, Success, and all areas of your Life will flow freely with Grace. Perceptions will change and Karmic Destiny’s will be adjusted. For many, entire life trajectories will be altered. GENESIS Produces Results.

It’s THE GAME CHANGER you asked for, don’t miss it. See you at GENESIS, October 2021. Contact now, and begin preparations for Real Wealth Creation.

  • 10 major treatment sessions
  • 13 Powerful Deeksha Blessing (Diksha).
  • 30-36 hours, spanning 10 days over a 9 week period.
  • High-Performance Skill Programming
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Self-Healing

“Wealth, Success, and all areas of your Life will flow freely with Grace. 

 Perceptions will change and Karmic Destiny’s will be adjusted. 

 For many, entire life trajectories will be altered.”

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Play Video

GENESIS does NOT require you to attend Event after Event or Seminar after Seminar, it is Immediately effective.

GENESIS is NOT a process requiring ‘time and effort’ and is NOT knowledge, data, a skill, or a method to be learned or mastered.

GENESIS does NOT require dedicated persistence over time, learning detailed kinds of meditations, breathing exercises, or visualization methods.

GENESIS is NOT a meditation method, mental discipline, brain reprogramming, hypnosis, NLP, reiki, breathwork, chi-gong, or physic visions.

GENESIS Never uses plant medicines, psychedelics, drugs, or chemicals.

GENESIS is Unlike other energy psychologies i.e. Psych-K or ETF.

GENESIS has NO connection to ETs, Aucturians, or any Galactic Organization and has Nothing to do with Ascension or the 5th Dimension.

Session duration is 5 hours and begins at 5pm PST 
  • October 2nd (Sat 5pm PST)
  • October 3rd (Sun 5pm PST)
  • October 9th (Sat 5pm PST)
Continues Each Saturday for 7 weeks on,
Session duration is 2-3 hours and begins at 5pm PST 
  • October 16th (Sat 5pm PST)
  • October 23rd (Sat 5pm PST)
  • October 30th (Sat 5pm PST)
  • November 6th (Sat 5pm PST)
  • November 13th (Sat 5pm PST)
  • November 20th (Sat 5pm PST)
  • November 27th (Sat 5pm PST) 

Total Duration, 30-36 hours, spans 10 days over a 9 week period.

Time Zones: 5pm PST / Midnight UTC / 7am Bangkok / 8am Singapore) Convert to your timezone here

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