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21st Nov: Intimacy

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Intimacy: The Special Collective

21st November @ 5pm PST
Session 1 of 6... more info below

It has been said,
"if you change your brain, you change your life"
that's a Scientific Fact!

Lonely? Tired of attracting the wrong person? this collective will HELP YOU!

We all know and feel the complexity and pace of life today, and now, with the pandemic’s restrictions, stress, loneliness, and even isolation is challenging intimate relationships as never before. Millions are longing and searching for their partners. Those with lovers and partners are struggling to understand each other and feel deeply connected and secure. Cheating, arguing, varieties of abuse and manipulation are rampant. They were always there, but with the advent of this age of science, the shift away from family values and gender roles, it’s much much worse. People are confused and searching for answers to their suffering and fear.  


That’s where Dr. G. Rex Kruhly’s Quantum System of Depth Healing comes in. Depth Healing is a Technology of Mind that heals the issues of intimacy at its source. The programming within the subconscious mind. When that programming is changed and set right, real intimacy is possible, attracting a wonderful partner is possible, happiness is possible.


If those programs are not set right, intimacy will not occur because the programs rule.

That is an accepted neuro biological fact.

SPECIALIZED COLLECTIVE SESSIONS are MORPHIC FIELD CLEARINGS of enormous power which create real change immediately by clearing everyone in the group as a single consciousness. For further information refer to the articles on Morphic Fields on the Website.

In light, Dr. G

Humanity has now entered the critical phase which will decide the future of our planet. The entire drama of civilization now rests on the PREDOMINATE STATE and level of CONSCIOUSNESS of the Global Community.  

Neural and Cognitive Sciences have determined that the subconscious mind runs 95%+ of our day, and that our frontal cortex, the educated brain, is only responsible for up to 5%. With that knowledge in mind it is obvious that the key to positive change and the emergence of a new golden age for mankind, requires the negative, disempowering, and destructive subconscious programs to be erased on a grand scale, ie, a Morphic Field Scale.

DEPTH HEALING  is a SYSTEM  which is designed to address this issue and is easily applied to collectives up to 21,000 strong.  The system functions and flows through Dr. G. Rex Kruhly alone, as it is a Channeled Quantum Technology combining Science and Mysticism with direct support of the Great Compassionate Light, the ParamJyoti.

The Mission of Dr. G. Rex Kruhly and Depth Healing is to help the Divine save mankind and usher in the Golden Age. With the commencement of Genesis on October 3rd, 2021, Dr. G. officially initiated his lifelong mission to help humanity on a grand scale. It took him 51 long years to reach this point, and now the work must move quickly, because humanity is at the tipping point.


Dr. G. Rex Kruhly will host regular Specialized Collectives focusing on Specific issues, challenges, and difficulties that we all face. will be selected and then cleared using Depth Healing. Using Morphic Field Technology these sessions will be VERY POWERFUL.

Each collective will focus on a particular Issue or Ailment:

  • Your Health
    • Asthma
    • Headaches
    • Back Pain
    • Diseases
    • Chronic Pains
    • Other Ailments
    • etc…
  • Life Challenges
    • Legal matters
    • Finances
    • Management issues
    • Rebuilding lifestyle
    • etc…
  • You
    • Losing weight
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Panic attacks
    • Anger
    • etc…
  • Special Situations
    • Black magic
    • Possession
    • Paranormal disturbances
    • etc…

Because Depth Healing can reach into the Subconscious Field 98% deep it achieves enormous clinical success. When applied to Collectives, it is so enhanced it literally stands alone in the world today.  

If you take advantage of these sessions you will prosper, and your life will change and grow as well as your relationships and wealth. Join in, see for yourself the power of Depth Healing applied to Morphic Fields. 

In light, Dr. G

Specialized Collectives are between 1 and 3 hours hours long starting at 5pm PST

  • November 7th: Topic – Becoming Greater than your Environment Part 1 of 7
  • November 21st: Topic – Intimacy Part 1 of 6
  • December 5th: Topic – Becoming Greater than your Environment Part 2 of 7
  • December 12th: TBC

Specialized Collectives in Other Time zones:

  • 5pm PST – California
  • 8pm EST – New York
  • Midnight UTC – UK
  • +1 day 7am – Bangkok
  • +1 day 8am – Singapore
  • +1 day 11am – Sydney
  • Convert to your timezone here

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Dr Grant Kruhly
Dr. G. Rex Kruhly

A licensed DC and International Distance Healer. He founded a Quantum Technology combining Cutting Edge Science with Divine Source Support.

He calls it Depth Healing, and with it, all subconscious and unconscious blocks, fears, and disempowering programming will be removed for the entire group at the same time.

Results are both immediate and continue well into the future.

Read more About Dr. G Rex Kruhly here. Read more About Depth Healing here.

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Specialized Collective Time Zones: 5pm PST / 8pm EST / Midnight UTC / 7am Bangkok / 8am Singapore) Convert to your timezone here

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