Many Seminars!

No Change!

Many Seminars, No Change!

Let’s begin with a question.  Have you gone to top-rated seminars, gotten massively inspired, over and over again, but still have not achieved success or the goals you set for your business or yourself regardless of how many times you attended the seminars?  Well, you’re one of the thousands, but why?


Nine times out of ten, the answer is Cognitive Dissonance.  You will find I mention and write about it a lot because it is the key.  Seminars are often led by really great people and the information they share is awesome, the only problem is that it speaks to the frontal cortex of the brain, not the subconscious.  That’s why you can become excited and inspired during the hype of the seminar, but once home and you begin execution, within weeks to a couple of months the momentum drops off, and you find yourself blocked or stale again.  The frontal cortex is very weak and if there are any subconscious fears or negative beliefs related to your project it will stop you.  It’s just that simple, and it happens every day.


This is why THE GENESIS EVENT is so different.  While parts of it are similar in that information will be presented to educate you, the meat of GENESIS is the actual Spa-Like Sessions. There, DEPTH HEALING TECHNOLOGY will be applied to the hundreds of attendees by uniting them all into a Single Unified Field using Dr. G’s Morphic Field Design. Then, subconscious blocks, negative beliefs, real or imagined fears, disempowering judgments, emotional traumas, damaged or strained parental relations, limiting perceptions, financial ceilings, and much much more will all be removed from the subconscious Fields of each attendee. 


That is NOT information nor is it motivation, IT IS REAL CHANGE, which produces REAL RESULTS.  You do not do it, Dr. G. Rex Kruhly does it for you then and there.  The changes each person experiences, including immediate change, short term change, and long term change will all be subjective, relative to each person’s mind, beliefs, health levels, and karmic programs, and their goals, but every single person’s results, health, and life will change. 


Immediately following the completion of each Depth Healing Session is Deeksha.  Attendees in groups as large as 500 at a time will receive the Direct Blessing of the DIVINE via the Authorized Transmission by Dr. G.  Deeksha is the ULTIMATE game changer and it elevates GENESIS into the most elite levels possible.  Again, this is all done for you, the only requirement of the attendees is their presence and active participation in the mediation used to create the Unified Morphic Field.



This coming October of 2021 the very first massive Morphic Session entitled The GENESIS Event will make consciousness history as it rewires the lives and wealth of its participants.  If you want to re-write your life’s program for wealth in 2022 and beyond, don’t miss GENESIS.

Tickets are on sale now, invest in yourself, and prepare for new results and a new life.

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