Quantum Consciousness

Life Engineer | Author

Quantum Consciousness | Life Engineer | Author

Quantum Consciousness | Life Engineer | Author.

Clearing the energetic fields of individuals and businesses to build resiliency and coherence, bringing about the highest potential of Life and Success.

Founder of Depth Healing – a convergence of two powerful quantum systems and a powerful spiritual system layered together: Subconscious Surgery, Heart Coherance Meditation and Deeksha. Depth Healing works at the causal level of the Holofractal Unified Field.

Supportive modalities used to reinforce Depth Healing includes: Psych-K for Brain Reprogramming; Breath Methods to break Stress Loops, Severe Anxiety, and Panic Attacks; Personal Coaching to bring about lifestyle changes to produce high performance habits, Reframing for stress control/motivation, and building cognitive strategies for resilience and success; Tibetan Reiki to heal specific issues.

Licensed Chiropractor, apprenticed under World Class Doctors, in the areas of Network Chiropractic, Metabolic Therapies, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T)

Senior Sensei of Yoshinkai Aikido, Senior Student of Yagyu Shinkage Ryu (41yrs). Founder of Do Satsu Ken Dojo (Insight Sword School) in Mt.View CA. Trained all branches of the US Military, enlisted and veterans. Trained members of the Palo Alto SWAT Team.

Coached scientists from NASA, Silicon Valley Executives and IT People in professional and personal development.

Rehabilitated addicts of alcoholism and drug addictions.

Author of WANT MORE?, an interpretation of a ZEN treatise for business individuals on how to bust workplace stress and challenges, encapsulated in “The Seven Simple Disciplines to Empower Your Life”

Area of Expertise:

1.     Internationally known Distance Healer

2.     Uses Quantum Field as a basis of healing consciousness and altering life circumstances.

3.     Works with Morphic Fields in groups of 10 to 21,000 individuals to create collective change for individuals, businesses/organizations and humanity.

4.     Addresses almost all physical ailments and diseases effectively.

5.     Facilitates Life Design for happiness, prosperity and personal power.

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