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Testimonial – D.A.

I’m a 27-year-old Saudi girl that would like to express my full gratitude and appreciation to Dr. G. who has helped me heal and feel good about myself. Great things have happened in my life during the healing sessions and I have been feeling so much love and peace. Before meeting Dr.G., I was always overthinking the past repeating the same negative thoughts and emotions, I couldn’t accept myself as a girl and felt unworthy. I never seemed to get over my traumas in the past and the same negative patterns kept happening in my daily life. I suffered from severe vaginal infections, tried different healing, and visited doctors who prescribed medications to cure them but the infections kept coming back repeatedly. I also had a very toxic relationship with my mom and we were very distant. That’s when I found Dr. G. and decided to get help to clear my field from all the negative energy in my life.

However, after meeting Dr.G., all this has changed. The work Dr. G. did was very deep and surgical, it helped me heal and change to become a better version of myself. It cleared all the negative frequencies in my energetic field that were blocking me. After a period of time, I noticed that I wasn’t repeating any past negative emotions or thoughts, I made peace with it, and surprisingly it wasn’t affecting me, I wasn’t victimizing myself anymore. The physical problem I had with vaginal infections was completely gone, it disappeared right after the healing sessions! That was amazing. I was always insecure and frustrated about this issue, now I fell so in love with myself as a girl and very confident. After a few sessions, I spoke to my mom and we kept talking for 2 hours! The relationship between us has completely changed, we let go of our negative emotions and opened a new beautiful page. It’s truly amazing how my mom and I became very peaceful.

I never expected the energy between us would be cleared and become friends again! We all have traumas, negative life experiences, insecurities, thoughts, and emotions that affect us all our lives, we even allow them to define us. However, there’s always a way for us to create new opportunities and stop victimizing ourselves. Meeting Dr. G. helped me change what’s inside me and therefore attract different energy and people into my life. He has helped me gain my power back, move on and create new opportunities for myself without thinking of the past anymore.

Throughout the sessions, Dr. G. has been very supportive, intuitive, a great listener, and a professional healer. I felt like a portal of grace has opened just by talking to him and knowing he’s willing to understand me. He helped me realize the beauty within me, the beauty of being a girl, my value and self-worth. He knew how to get to the root of the problem and eliminates it which eventually led me to find my own spirit. Opening up to Dr. G. made me feel like there’s nothing to worry about anymore because all I felt was love. He was always there for me any time of the day. This was one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever had and I’ve been feeling so much gratitude and love.

I highly recommend Dr. G. to anyone who is looking forward to transforming. Especially girls who suffer from the same problems, I can’t describe how happy and peaceful I am right now. Dr. G. wasn’t only a healer, but a lifetime friend who brings happiness to the world.

Thank you Dr. G. Rex Kruhly for everything!

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