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Testimonial – Depth Healing House Calls – Meagan Mitchell

“I have been working with Dr. G for over a year now & his work has really been profound. He has helped me heal parts of my life not just spiritually but emotionally & physically as well. What I really love about working with Dr. G is that he truly cares about his clients. Despite our scheduled sessions, he always has made it clear to me that If I ever needed help he is only just a phone call away. An experience I had recently made me realize how much I can trust & rely on Dr. G for the work that he does. I was alone at home working at my desk and out of nowhere, I experienced the most excruciating pain in my stomach. It was so painful that I went from being at my desk to being on the floor curled up crying & trying to process what had happened to me. Thoughts ran through my head that maybe I had got food poisoning or that I was having a severe reaction to something I wasn’t aware of. Instead of going to the hospital, I decided to call Dr. G. He was so generous & kind for taking the time out of his day to call me back & for wanting to help me not be in pain anymore. Within about 15-20 minutes of us being on a video call, Dr. G had completely removed ALL discomfort & pain that I was feeling inside of me. I went from feeling frightened, nauseous & in a lot of pain; too feeling 100% better, energized & elated with a smile on my face. Still to this day I get amazed by Dr. G’s work & how it has been so effective in my life. I have never had an experience where I am able to call any kind of Doctor or M.D that can heal me that quickly with an emergency situation out of my own home on a video call. I am truly so grateful for the work that Dr. G does and I honestly highly recommend him to anyone out there who is seeking or needing help in their life right now.”


P.S. I forgot to mention that I live in California and Dr. G. Rex Kruhly is all the way across the world in Thailand  🙂

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