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Testimonial – Lynn B

I have been working with Dr. Grant for almost a year. He has a genuine passion for his clients and healing and a kind, gentle and compassionate way of being that is so lovely and very helpful.

Dr. G has helped me to release from old patterns and mindsets of trauma and victimization that were keeping me trapped in deep physical and emotional pain. It seemed, I just kept creating the same situation over and over again and I had lost faith and hope in myself.

My body and mind began to completely shut down, I was afraid all of the time, and I began to seriously contemplate suicide. I was in the darkest place I had ever been and after sessions with Dr. G, this has completely shifted.

I no longer suffer from fear, deep depression, panic attacks, and anxiety. The fibromyalgia that left me in crippling pain and completely incapacitated has disappeared and has not returned. I no longer feel afraid or ashamed of myself.

Opportunities have opened up that were not there before. My creativity is back and I am making art for the first time in several years. But most importantly I feel different in each experience as if my DNA has been rearranged. I experience emotions in a more balanced manner and can face things without a sense of terror, shame, doom, and gloom.

It’s not about the money with Dr. G. He is very committed to me and my healing journey. He checks in on me all of the time to see how I am and is always available to answer any questions or talk through some of my experiences. He has been a gift from the Divine for me and for those who love me who have been so very worried about me. Highly recommend.

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