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Testimonial – Marisell Louw

I am a 27 year old South African. I worked in China for 2 years and the lifestyle left me irritated, unhealthy, and spiritually dead. I came to Thailand 5 years ago, and slowly I realized that if I have to compare myself to Thai people, the way they experience life, and their opinion about things, I am seriously lacking in life. Over the next 5 years, Thailand made me soft again, open to God and self-love, but as much as I worked on myself I knew that I was lacking in some parts.
I had very violent nightmares, for years, which I just couldn’t control. I would have a dream and just before something horrible happens I would tell myself “WAKE UP!! IT IS JUST A DREAM!!” I would wake up, stay up for a while but when I went back to sleep I would be just where I left off.
I started getting sick a lot over the next few months. My friend got concerned and told me about Dr. G. “What is it he does exactly?” I would ask her. She just smiled and said to open my mind and trust. That she saw him because of depression and felt much better.
I met with Dr. G. a few days after and felt the all-so-familiar energy of spiritual excitement. We talked and I made an appointment on the spot.
Our appointment was unlike something I ever experienced. And I know after a lot of my friends saw him that every session is personal. Not one the same. I left feeling light as a feather, inspired, and believe it or not, IN LOVE WITH MYSELF… without guilt! My dreams are not violent anymore. I am on a journey of reprogramming my body, mind, and soul. This experience gave me the push I so needed.
I would recommend Dr. G. to anyone and everyone. Open your mind and trust yourself!

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